1.  Which documents will be uploaded to online application system?

Documents, which you will upload to online application system, is listed below. Uploading last two documents is compulsory for candidates who plan to apply for scholarship.

  • Photo
  • Passport Photo
  • CV
  • Diploma or Interim Certificate of Graduation
  • Transcript
  • Language Proficiency Test Score (YDS, E-YDS, YÖKDİL, TOEFL, TÖMER etc. IELTS is not accepted.)
  • Letter of Intent

2. Which language proficiency documents are accepted for application?

As language proficiency documents, only YDS, E-YDS, YÖKDİL, TOEFL (for English), TÖMER (for Turkish) and YDS Arabic (for Arabic) test result documents are accepted. IELTS is not accepted. If you upload other language proficiency documents, your application will be rejected.

If you don’t own one of these test result documents, you can choose to take Ibn Haldun English, Turkish or Arabic proficiency test in online application system. Candidates, who plan to take Ibn Haldun language tests, will choose test dates in online application system.

3. How should the Reference Letters be sent?

  • Candidate should submit two reference letters for each program.
  • Reference letter should be written by a university professor.
  • Candidate will send reference letter request to the reference provider via online application system.
  • Online application system will send an e-mail to the reference giver. This e-mail includes a link. Reference giver will click this link and upload his/her reference letter (only in PDF format)  to the area that will appear.
  • Reference letters, which are directly sent to university via e-mail or brought by hand, will not be accepted.
  • Please remind your reference provider to read the email and upload the letter until this day.

4. How should the Letter of Intent be written?

You can start your letter of intent by introducing yourself. You can speak of the program you plan to apply, your education background, the skills your gained in your education, the projects and the internships which you took part  in.

In this letter, you can write the motivations which direct you to the academic world. You can explain why you plan to apply that program and which topics you plan to study in that program. If you have preparations for your area of interest, you can also mention them.

Moreover, you can tell us why you prefer Ibn Haldun University, how the education in our university contributes to you and how our university will benefit from you.

For scholarship application;

You can mention your work status (working or not working) and your accomodation (with family or friends or alone). You can also mention where you plan to accommodate if you are chosen as our student.

You can explain which type of Ibn Haldun University scholarship you plan to apply, why you need this scholarship and how you will contribute to Ibn Haldun University in return for this scholarship.

You should upload your letter of intent in PDF format with the document title Name Surname – Letter of Intent .

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