Language Exam

If candidates do not have any language proficiency document, they have to take Ibn Haldun University language proficiency test.

Candidates will choose their proficiency test dates in the application form.

Fee for each language test is 150 TL.

English Proficiency Test (VERSANT)

  • Computer based
  • Measures speaking (including pronunciation), listening, reading and writing skills
  • Consists of 9 chapters, takes approximately 50 minutes
  • Internationally recognized
  • Results are assessed using high technology therefore possible human errors are eliminated

(The Exam is held online. Applicants living abroad can contact to get information about the online examination system and for more information about the exam structure contact

Turkish Proficiency Test

It is a 3-session exam that consists of reading, listening, writing and speaking sections and measures the Turkish proficiency level of the candidates across the four mentioned skills.

Exam duration is 3 hours excluding the two breaks.

A specialist invigilates and evaluates the speaking exam.

The exam is administered on the internet during the epidemic process.

Arabic Proficiency Test

Candidates’ reading, listening, writing and oral exam skills are measured. The exam takes place on Canvas Instructure. Questions are in the context of measuring ACTFL levels. Duration of the Exam is one hour and twenty minutes.

  • Reading and Grammar: 30 minutes
  • Listening: 10 minutes
  • Writing: 20 minutes
  • Speaking: 20 minutes

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