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Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships

As a "foundation university" in the true sense of the word, our University attaches great importance to our students focusing only on their education and academic development. In this context, more than 80% of our current undergraduate and graduate students are provided with 100% exemption from tuition fees, and our students are also supported with cash scholarships.

Graduate students who are accepted for the 2024-2025 Academic Year will also be provided with cash scholarship support if they meet the necessary conditions, within the program-based quotas and budgets of the relevant scholarships;

  • 18.000-TL Outstanding Achievement Scholarship (UBB) for 11 new students for 9 months
  • 12.600-TL Success Scholarship (BAB) for 127 new students for 9 months 

will be given.

The duration of cash scholarships for married students is determined as 12 months.

Please visit the program detail pages for the program-based quotas of cash scholarships.

For scholarship requirements, please visit the "How Can I Get Tuition Fee Exemption and/or Cash Scholarship?" page.