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Program Fees and Tuition Fee Exemptions

Program Fees and Tuition Fee Exemptions

Click here for the fees of our doctorate, master's degree with thesis and master's degree without thesis programs.

Tuition Fee Exemptions

Graduate students constitute 53% of our current 1798 students at our university and 83% of all our students are 100% exempt from tuition fees. 

As an indicator of the importance we attach to our students focusing only on their education and academic development with the identity of a "foundation university", our current policy will be maintained in the admission process to graduate programs for the 2024-2025 Academic Year within the budget and quotas.

In addition to this, an additional 10% Başakşehir resident discount will be applied to those who reside in Başakşehir among our students who receive paid or discounted admission.

  • For exemption quotas, please visit the program detail pages.
  • Exemptions and discounts in our sector-oriented programs are limited to the scope of the corporate agreement.