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Teaching Fellowship

Teaching Fellowship

In the academic year 2023 - 2024, 52 new master's and doctoral students who meet the necessary requirements will be appointed as teaching assistants (TAs) at Ibn Haldun University.

Teaching assistantship is one of the privileged opportunities offered to our graduate students at Ibn Haldun University. Through teaching assistantship, our graduate students continue their postgraduate education while actively participating in the teaching process, gaining a unique experience for their academic careers.

Teaching assistants receive financial support in addition to pursuing their education for free at our University. Accordingly:

  • Doctoral students serving as teaching assistants are eligible for the "Merit Based Scholarship" (UBB).
  • Master's students serving as teaching assistants are eligible for the "Achievement Scholarship" (BAB).
  • Students who are teaching assistants but are accepted into a different scholarship category by their respective programs will be upgraded to the UBB category if they are pursuing a Ph.D., or to the AS category if they are pursuing a master's degree.

Teaching assistants are informed of their duties and responsibilities related to the teaching assistantship in their acceptance letters, and they are granted the benefits of the teaching assistantship in accordance with these conditions.