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Student-Friendly University for Graduate Studies

Student-Friendly University for Graduate Studies

Research-Oriented Foundation University Model in Graduate Education

Ibn Haldun University plays a pioneering role with its unique "research-oriented foundation university model" in our country, being the only university in the field of social sciences. With its identity as a "research-oriented foundation university," the university provides graduate and doctoral students with a high-quality education in an international educational environment under the supervision of esteemed academics in their respective fields. At the same time, it offers significant support to its students to make a difference in their academic careers and contribute significantly to their development.

Teaching Assistantship

With the "Teaching Assistantship" program offered at Ibn Haldun University, our graduate and doctoral students have a unique opportunity to actively participate in the teaching process and gain valuable experience for their academic careers while continuing their postgraduate education. This program is only available at a few universities in our country.

English Preparatory Program

In some of our postgraduate programs, candidates who do not meet the English language proficiency requirement may have the opportunity to be admitted to the preparatory program if they are successful in the scientific evaluation exam. In this way, they will have the chance to improve their academic English skills. However, this opportunity is limited to the capacity of the preparatory program in the relevant postgraduate program.

Exemption from Tuition Fees and Scholarships

As Ibn Haldun University, a foundation university, we attach great importance to all of our students focusing on their education and academic development. As an indicator of this, we provide a 100% tuition fee waiver in many of our graduate programs, as well as offering generous financial scholarship opportunities.


Ibn Haldun University provides affordable accommodation opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. On campus, there are dormitories with a capacity of 743 people, and in Başakşehir center, there are dormitories with a capacity of 700 people for both male and female students.